What Is The Interactive Display Advantage In Meeting Room?


ChatGPT is so popular nowadays in 2023, here is a quick Q&A for Interactive displays advantage in meeting rooms as below answ

Why need Type C for your interactive flat panel?


When you bring your laptop connect to interactive flat panel, you need use HDMI or VGA cables to transfer the image and audio

The Common Display Interface In an Interactive Flat Panel(2)


DisplayPort(DP)definitionDisplayPort(DP for short) is a digital video interface standard promoted by the Video Electronics St

The Common Display Interface In an Interactive Flat Panel(1)


VGA terminalVGA terminal(Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector), Other names includeRGB terminal,D-sub 15, ormini D15, Is a DE

What is optical bonding in an interactive flat panel


It is very new to me when I heard the optical bonding for the first time.I think many people would wonder what it exactly mea

How to choose a best interactive whiteboard for your smart classroom


Nowadays, though the interactive flat panel is more and more popular, the interactive whiteboard market is still there due to

How to choose an interactive display mobile stand for your touch panel?


Gone are the days when chalkboards or markers whiteboard widely used in school to deliver lessons to students. The overhead p

Thinkpanel TP PRO8-One-Stop display solution


The  Thinkpane interactive flat panel TP PRO8 is an effective tool for high definition 4K presentation, seamle

Interactive Flat Panel Thinkpanel Interactive Display Solutions


Under the epidemic situation, if anything is the most effective and popular means of communication, it is none other than rem

Why is anti-glare glass so important to an interactive flat panel?


First of all, many people would ask what is anti-glare? how to choose a screen with anti-glare or not?Anti-GlareGlass, also k

Thinkpanel -Quickly complete the remote collaboration


Recently, "home office" has become a new way of working for office workers. As a "first aid Plan" in a sp

What kind of opportunity can the interactive flat panel display obtain during th


Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic at the beginning of this year,the concept of telecommuting was a mess. Thinkpanel interacti

8 Scenarios How Thinkpanel Interactive Flat Panel Help People in daily life


The Thinkpanel interactive flat panel displays integrate high-definition display, touch writing, wireless screen sharing, mul

OPS or OPS-C? Which PC you should buy for your interactive flat panel display?


There is one big advantage for an interactive flat panel display you would never forget, which is there is an Open Pluggable

Samsung and LG stop the LCD by 2020, who is LED biggest manufacturer now?


Two big news comes from the Korea screen supply chain, which declares that the Korea LCD manufacturer comes to an end in 2020

3 Main Reasons To Change Interactive Whiteboards to Thinkpanel Interactive Flat


It is well-known that interactive whiteboards can not only give a great chance for teachers to inspire their students vibrant

Why did we call this interactive flat panel to be ThinkPpanel? Can this interact


The interactive display becomes more and more popular in the education market and business presentation section. Our Think-pa

Guide use to Free Video Conferencing in our touch panel for teamwork under COVID


Video conferencing solution providers would never expect their solution becomes so popular and helpful under the pandemic. Wh

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