ThinkPanel lesson delivery and meeting collaboration software

Cloud-based and Available for any Interactive Display and Interactive Whiteboard. Enables idea sharing, team collaboration, screen mirroring and sharing all through our designed software platform.

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ThinkPanel lesson delivery and meeting collaboration software

Deliver Interactive Lessons

Build-in teaching lessons, resources, and activities from schools

Utilize a full range of student devices with screen sharing

Annotate, Collaborate, Multi-Cast simply

Cast multiple audiences’ screens in real-time on the LED or IWB

Intelligent Business Software Solutions for the Flexible Work Environment

Hardware just the first step of footstone to creating collaborative environments. Nowadays every supplier hardware looks so similar in every aspect. How to make a different branding to your client? The answer sure is about software. We have been in the idea sharing market for more than 15 years, so we know what the school and meeting conference needs. This is our design philosophy in our software building. Contact us for 10 days of a free trial by email or call! 

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